Gate Repair

The key to keeping your automatic gate running smoothly is maintenance. If you haven’t had it looked at by a professional in 6 months to 1 year and it gets daily use then it might be time to have it serviced. The more you use your gate the sooner it will need maintenance.

R&S provides…

  • Repair when it’s broken
  • Preventative Maintenance before it’s broken

Leave the worrying to us! By signing up for a Preventative Maintenance contract we take the worry out of maintaining your gate. Here’s how it works.

  1. You pick how often. Yearly, Bi-Annually, Semi-Annually or Quarterly
  2. We perform a full service to your automatic gate. Any minor parts that are in need of replacement we replace and any major parts showing signs of wear we make a note on your maintenance report and send you a quote for replacement.
  3. After every PM service to your gate you will receive a full report on everything that was done including those items that may be in need of replacement in the future.
  4. By signing a PM contract with R&S it locks you into a lower “PM” rate rather than our standard service call rate. If you should have any problems before your next PM service you will receive the “PM” rate as well.

Common gate problems…

  • Noisy upon opening/closing
  • Stuck open
  • Chain off or broken
  • Won’t close all the way
  • Broken wheels
  • Etc.