Grille Gates

Grille gates are most commonly used to protect a storefront or as a parking garage security gate. They can also be seen in shopping malls to safely secure stores after mall closing time. Whatever the use, R&S can provide service and installation for all of your Grille Gate needs. Click Here for more information on R&S manufactured grille gates.


Standard pattern is a straight link pattern for grilles in normal usage such as shopping malls and storefronts. Aluminum curtain is formed of horizontal rows of 5/16″ aluminum rods spaced 1 1/2″ apart to be connected by vertical 3/4″ aluminum links spaced 9″ apart.

  • 6″ Minimum diameter structural steel pipe barrel
  • Optional aluminum or galvanized steel hood
  • Oil tempered torsion spring on continuous cold-rolled steel shaft
  • Aluminum grille curtain (see patterns below)
  • Extruded aluminum guides & continuous steel wall angles
  • Steel plate brackets attached to wall angles
  • Extruded aluminum tubular bottom bar


Heavy Duty:

Heavy straight link pattern designed for grilles in high usage applications such as parking garages. Curtain is formed of horizontal rows of 5/16″ aluminum rods alternating with 1/4″ galvanized steel rods covered with a 5/16″ aluminum tube sleeve. Rods are spaced 1 1/2″ apart and connected by vertical 3/4″ aluminum links spaced 9″ apart. A brick pattern is available.


  • High Cycle Construction: Designs to provide up to 150,000 operating cycles.
  • Emergency Egress System: Recessed pull handle in a flush mount enclosure mechanically disconnects motor operator to provide partial opening of grille for emergency exit.
  • Support Tubes: Square steel tubes attached to floor and structure above to provide mounting for grille.
  • Sloped Foot Piece: For uneven sill conditions.
  • Soffit Flange Cover: 5 1/2″ wide flange on bottom of footpiece to conceal slot required for above ceiling installations.
  • Cylinder Locks: On foot piece.
  • Hood: Formed from galvanized steel or aluminum sheet
  • Fixed Grille Panel: Grille curtain in a supporting frame.
  • Anodized Finish: Clear, dark bronze, gold, black and other color anodized finishes on curtain, foot piece, guides and hood.